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GE Lighting Systems and our global sales force can provide lighting design assistance to help you accurately ALADAN + Plus for Windows determine your lighting needs. Applications including indoor facilities, area lighting, sports lighting and roadway lighting can be furnished according to your design specifications or we can provide recommendation following IESNA recommended practices. Using state of the art analytical tools, our Sales Reps can provide you with a detailed lighting layout, a bill of material, and other valuable information to help you have a top-quality lighting system.

To find the area Sales Representative nearest to you, please click on the Global Sales Network tab on the left-hand toolbar.


ALADAN + Plus for Windows If you would like to download our latest photometric files in IES format please click on the link below. Executing these file will deposit 1700+ IES files onto your computer. Updates will be provided as needed.

gels-ies.zip (3,556,313 bytes)
GE Lighting Systems Photometric Data
Updated:October 2007

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For detailed product information including catalog information, brochures, instruction sheets and other product related information please click on the Product Central tab on the left-hand toolbar.
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